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Haha awesome

It was awesome keep it up!


WOW! Very creative! Also very in-sync with the music, the controls part were pretty cool too.

Just... beautiful.
5/5. 10/10


Very random, bizarre, funny! Keep it up Kalle!!

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This game is awesome. I love it. When I played FF8 I sometimes enjoyed Triple Triad more than the actual game, lol. I'd love to see this updated and getting better, although it is pretty good as it is. except:

1 ) When you create a game, why can't you go back? It's like if you create a game, but then change your mind or you just want to go and check something, then you're stuck. You cannot cancel when waiting for an opponent either. So you HAVE to duel someone, or close the game.

2 ) Why could I play with the The Last Stand LVL4 card when I'm in games of Max LVL3? Things seems a little buggy, and maybe you should've double checked all the cards to make sure they're the appropriate lvl in the game as they were meant to be.

3 ) I'd like to have a little sound effect when someone writes something inside a match. Maybe just personal preference, I don't know.

4 ) Implementing a way to check if friends is online and stuff would be cool, but would probably be an ass to implement, I would guess. :/

5 ) Yeah, the loading time. I can stand, except when I wait for like 20 seconds, and then I just want to check something in Profile, and when I go out again I have to wait another 20 seconds.

6 ) Buying boosters is really fun. I can't wait until I get to open another one! :D
Therefore, wouldn't it be cool if the boosters you're able to buy is flashing? Like a green frame around them, sparkling? :D Would be cool.

I think there was more I was going to mention... anyways, I hope you'll respond so I can see what you think. Also, since I cannot review twice, is it ok if I PM you if I've got some more feedback?

Congrats for creating such a great game, see ya!

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Very, very cool

Wow, wasn't expecting to find any Full on psytrance on NG this good.

This is professional. The kick and bass is on level with Astrix / Infected, etc.

Keep up the good work, you'll get far with this!

hopeku responds:

Thanks man! It's good to find psytrance lovers on there.


I love the feeling of this one! SWEET STUFF!!!

I think of MegamanX when I listen to this one, too... !

WOW! (Not world of warcraft...)

Truly amazing. The melodies go rampage!

I really recognize that Sytrus Formant sound. You're for sure using Fruity Loops! ; )

Great stuff, keep on doing it!
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